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Create A Navigation Roadmap for Your Website or Application

All good website and mobile web application design starts with information architecting. Whether you have an existing site or application that you want to redesign, or you are planning on having your first site designed, it is important to create a road map for how your new site will flow. You want to be able to map out "the big picture" of your new site or application so that you can quickly see how key elements of your new site connect with each other to provide a thorough user experience. This big picture is called a sitemap or infomap. You can also then see flaws or gaps in content that you may need to create, or need to revise.

Wireframe Diagrams that Showcase Screen Functionality

Whether your site is small in size or large it is very important to flush out the unique functionality that will be needed for each page of your site, represented on the infomap. A wireframe diagram is a B&W simple drawing of what content and functional elements will be on each page of your site. This step is needed prior to designing the graphic interface for your new site or application.

Being Green with Digital Documentation

In addition you will benefit from our digital working methodologies that will keep you from needing to print everything on paper. Since we work primarily in the world of RGB, both onscreen and on the web we like to keep all project documentation digital.


Orange Cloud Creative you ROCK!  Words cannot say how pleased we are with all Orange Cloud Creative(OCC) has done for us!  We met with OCC in August and had them quote an updated website, refreshed logo and help with our printed sales material.  I thought the process was going to be long and painful and it was not at all.  We all worked together and met a tight, tight deadline of Sept 23rd. WOW!  Our logo was updated, the sales material was completed and our beautiful, beautiful website was up and running in a flash! Orange Cloud Creative is what I would call an expert task master keeping everyone on track and able to make decisions promptly.  I see Orange Cloud as a partner with our company forever and value the relationship we have with them! We are a small company and we really need the attention Orange Cloud could give us rather than a big firm…we would not be where we are at now if we had gone with a BIG marketing company.   
Thank you for all you have done for us, I can’t wait to see the results or your labors with our existing and new customers!

Beth Piper
Vice President- Volumetric Technologies


I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in helping me organize and successfully redesign our web site.  You were very patient as we discussed the business model and strategy for moving forward.  You took the time to understand our business and offered some very insightful suggestions as we scoped out the project.

Your creative juices really kicked in as we worked together through the logo design process.  I was impressed with your ability to “stretch the envelope” on the creative side.  You responded in a big way by developing many alternative logo examples to consider as we narrowed in on our current logo design – the outcome exceeded my expectations.

You’ve proven your skills as a capable project manager.  I really didn’t know where I was going, but with your help we developed a very structured scope document that set the direction for a successful outcome.  Your assertiveness and persistence helped facilitate a project that was completed on time and on budget – thank you!

I really look forward to the impact the web site redesign will have on my business. Thanks again for all your help.  I look forward to working with Orange Cloud Creative again in the future.

Kent Carlson
Owner -