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SEO Technology Evolves at Rapid Pace

Technology keeps business moving at a faster pace than ever before.  Search engine marketing has become the buzzword among businesses that want to survive online and leveraging the power of the Internet to help drive customers to your business is a key factor of website design today. Just as organic food is becoming a buzzword in the food industry….organic seo (search engine optimization) is becoming a buzzword for online business success.  Organic seo is comprised of all the things your business does to incorporate key terms and words into your website and all the code that the search engine spiders see and use to calculate the “importance” and validity of your website online.  Sometimes there is a delicate balance of organic SEO and pay-per-click SEO that will be needed to get your business into the right online visibility that you are seeking.  We can get you there. 

Organic vs. Pay-Per-Click

There are many debates online today about website organic seo marketing vs. pay-per -click marketing.  There are many scamming companies out there taking businesses money every day via pay-per-click.  Beware and research before you sign up with any of them.  When you are using pay-per-click your website has presence online as does your business.  When you pull the plug on your pay-per-click marketing your site will drop off the search engine radar and cease to exist altogether unless you have properly incorporated organic seo. 

Organic seo takes time, like a fine wine.  However, within 30 to 60 days of properly setting up your site you will start seeing results.  Results that will have longevity and grow as your site and your business grows.

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